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Delivering your Strategic Marketing Strategy

Marketing Planning Process

  • Clarity on market and competitive positioning by evaluating current and future environments
  • Identify what differentiates you from your competitors in the mind of your customers
  • Focus on your brand proposition (strengths / IP) to provide better service and value to your customer


Marketing Plan Deployment – Alignment with Business Strategy

  • Develop clarity on how strategic marketing aligns with your business strategy to deliver priorities
  • Understand in which markets /sectors you can demonstrate a clear competitive advantage
  • Establish your marketing objectives and determine how marketing can address your customer needs


Marketing Plan Deployment – Understand your brand proposition

  • Define how you differentiate your business from your competitors
  • Understand how your customers perceive your brand and align yourself with their needs
  • Design your products and services to deliver added value across all customer touchpoints


Marketing Plan Deployment – Leveraging your Brand

  • Understand what type and quality of resource is required to deliver your brand proposition
  • Optimise your brand value for your customers by segmenting your product and service offering
  • Set product and marketing goals based on customer analysis, segmentation, personas and profiling
  • Establish Marketing plan from strategy to tactics, to optimise sales opportunities against ‘ROMI’


Marketing Plan Deployment – Controls and Metrics

  • Have the correct data available and visible to make the business decisions
  • Understand impact on internal processes, production and resources – link to lead generation and sales planning pipelines
  • Customer focused marketing campaigns linked to customer context, buying patterns and sales cycles
  • Measure the activities that will affect the successful delivery of the plan
  • Build appropriate performance dashboards and prospect pipelines to effectively track progress