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Delivering your Strategic Sales Strategy

Sales Planning Process

  • Understand in which markets /sectors you can demonstrate a clear competitive advantage
  • Clarity on sales revenue channels to deliver your plan; repeatable, cross sell, new business
  • Identify which combination of prospects are required to deliver your strategic sales plan
  • Know ‘how to sell’ and ‘when to sell’ to your nominated prospects   
  • Understand client sales cycles – factor into your forecasts, include provision for attrition/ leakage


Sales Plan Deployment – Use of Time

  • Have a clear structure with the right people only working only on ‘value add’ activities
  • Ensure all sales time can be clearly measured and accounted for
  • Allocate appropriate time to focus on all revenue channels; client retention, cross sell, new business development
  • Focus on key metrics to measure, monitor and optimise effective use of time and desired outcomes


Sales Plan Deployment – Sales Process Optimisation

  • Map your sales process, understand your unique flow of information and key stages
  • Remove waste & duplication, assign responsibility at each stage to improve accountability
  • Focus on speed of response and conversion metrics to improve your sales function ROI


Sales Plan Deployment – Sales Team Capability

  • Understand what type and quality of resource is required to deliver the plan
  • Your sales team need to be highly trained, motivated and aligned to the company vision
  • Sales management must be structured, consistent and deployed with rigour
  • Ensure each team member is clear on their individual roles and responsibilities and highly accountable, ensuring alignment of personal and business goals


Sales Plan Deployment – Controls & Metrics

  • Have the correct data available and visible to make the business decisions
  • Identify underperformance and resolve, reward and acknowledge success
  • Measure the activities that will affect the successful delivery of the plan
  • Build appropriate performance dashboards, quote and prospect pipelines to effectively track progress