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Do you need to realign your business?

do you need to re-align your business

The ability to pre-empt and respond to change is what marks out a thriving company from a just- surviving company. 

When do you need to realign? 

There are 8 key times when a business benefits most from a realignment exercise: 

1. Sustained Growth: Has your business grown beyond its infrastructure?

When a business grows, and especially if it grows rapidly you need to review and implement a new strategic infrastructure to suit your changing business needs. 

2. Operating in New Markets: Do you have the systems and skills you need to exploit a new opportunity?

A new opportunity for growth or a new market often demand a fresh set of skill sets. Reviewing your skill base and infrastructure to ensure that you are correctly geared for success in your new market is essential. 

3. Adopting New Technologies: Do you want to embrace new technology?

New technologies may require new working practices; a review of the demands on the business and its operating structure may highlight the need for change. 

4. Outsourcing Strategies: Have you decided to stop doing certain tasks in-house?

You don’t have to do it all in-house; in fact it probably makes more sense if you don’t. Focus on areas of your business where you add value and outsource where you don’t. 

5. Scaling Down: Have you slimmed down your business but kept the old ways of doing things?

If you’ve scaled down your business due to a reduced market demand, it is essential to realign your internal structure to meet the needs of the revised business model. 

6. Mergers & Acquisitions: Have you added a new arm to your business?

A new shape to your business will also require that you review and implement an appropriate internal structure to meet the needs of the reshaped business. 

7. Exit Strategies: Is the business owner planning to sell or retire?

When you are looking to exit your business, it is the right time to realign your business; the organisation should be lean and ready for new ownership. After the sale it may require further realignment. 

8. Realignment Strategies – Is your business not achieving its full potential?

If your business is not achieving its full potential, we can create a strategy that will assist with your successful growth. 

A platform for sustainable growth 

Recognize any of the above and need support? At Harpers for Growth we’ll help you realign your business so you’re in the best possible shape for sustainable growth in existing and new markets. Contact us here for a free initial consultation.