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Driving Operational Excellence

The “Lean” and Continuous Improvement toolbox enables organisations operating in any environment to establish a framework for improvement, underpinned by a practical skills base to deliver sustainable improvements across all functions.

The methodology provides a practical and common sense approach to driving change and an unrivalled ability to deliver measurable and sustainable benefits to ensure your organisation stays ahead of your competition.

The starting point is to better understand how “Waste” and “Standardised Processes” can directly affect the organisations ability to deliver high quality products and services at a competitive price and at a time when your customer wants it.


Key areas to focus on:

Standardised Processes Measure and map all your core processes to better understand where & how value is added

Once you can “See the Constraints” in your core processes you have the opportunity to address those areas of concern

Analyse how the constraints, add cost, slow down delivery time and directly impact the Cost of Quality and put a £ value against the impact

Prioritise those areas of concern and address them directly by re-designing your core processes and driving added value for your customers


Waste Elimination

“Learn to See Waste”, if you don’t know what waste in your systems and processes look like or how they directly impact what you do and how you perform, how can you improve?

There are numerous examples of waste in every process and every system and you must learn to recognise and measure how it impacts your products and services, ignoring it in a competitive market is NOT an option

Once you and your staff have learnt the basic methodology it provides a long term ability to drive improvement in every area of your organisation

Having an established framework with the objective of sustainable improvement will deliver unrivalled improvements and ensure the business can perform in competitive markets


Cultural Change – Staff buy-in

A critical part of the journey towards operation excellence is gaining staff buy-in and cooperation

Delivering measurable “Policy Deployment” is dependent on staff understanding and the establishment of a collaborative approach to change

Systems and processes are dependent on people using them correctly, if people don’t understand what the inputs and outputs are then the results will vary and directly impact customers

People are often not considered when driving improvements, but they are a vital element in an organisations ability to compete

Having a focus on people as well having a commitment to change will deliver huge results, period….