Business Strategy 1-2-3

Do you have a clear road map for growth? At Harpers we believe you need to plan for success. This starts by building a clear strategy.

We'll help you to:

  • Identify how you need to change your business so it’s ready for growth
  • Identify what’s holding you back
  • Identify the markets offering you the best opportunities for growth

Once we’ve explored and understood your market, we’ll formulate a plan using your preferred strategies to deliver high growth and manage business risks.


Sales & Marketing

As sales and marketing specialists, we take a structured approach to creating a deliverable strategy. We use our experience and expertise to:

  • Identify your opportunities within a given market
  • Create a tailored strategy
  • Deliver results

We tailor Sales Process Engineering to suit your specific business needs, assisting with the implementation, review and refinement of your plan. To smooth out kinks in your sales pipeline, improve your conversion rates and create a stable sales cycle with reliable results, we will:

  • Develop new and existing sales distribution channels
  • Implement effective sales processes and close leaks in your sales pipeline
  • Turn your business goals into sales pipelines and measurable targets
  • Train and incentivise your sales team to close sales and deliver exceptional results
  • Employ effective CRM systems and key account management processes

To keep ahead of the competition we help you create outstanding marketing that delivers measurable results. We will:

  • Define your brand and help you understand your value proposition
  • Identify your key markets and customers and what they want from you
  • Analyse your competition and create strategies to outperform them
  • Create a deliverable marketing strategy and plan
  • Help develop marketing campaigns with the right messages targeted to each customer segment
  • Train your teams in digital marketing strategies and tactics including social media management
  • Set key performance measures and targets for your ROI (Return on investment)


Business Coaching and Mentoring

Our smart coaching focuses on accelerating your company’s growth, whether you’re a small or a medium-sized business. As experienced mentors, we’re informed by our industry knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work to grow a business in today’s competitive market.

We create programmes tailored specifically to your company’s needs; delivering the expertise and skills your key people need to move your business forward.

We offer affordable business coaching, mentoring and support to help you find:

  • New connections
  • New routes to investment
  • New ideas and strategies

In short, everything you need for your business to achieve its full potential.


Exit Strategies

Defining an exit strategy can be one of the most challenging tasks for a business. Often, it will require a period of realignment before the business is ready to be put up for sale. We can help with the whole exit journey from determining how and when to exit to preparing the organisation and staff for new ownership.