We don’t think Lean principles should be confined to the warehouse. Lean is all about the culture of the business and is a critical element in ensuring the business has a solid foundation of continuous improvement so it is better able to respond to challenges and manage growth. We can help you fine-tune your business from the ground up, and find value added and non-value added elements in all your processes  from marketing pre-sales through to getting the money paid into the bank.

Our handpicked Lean consultants are experts in optimising efficiency, adding value to processes, unlocking growth potential, enhancing profitability and building company value. In an ever-changing environment, it is vitally important to keep the foot on the accelerator and continuously look for operational improvements. Let us show you how:

1. Effective Quality Systems

2. Efficient Processes

3. Robust Supply Chain

4. Throughput Optimisation

5. Maximise Efficiency

6. Stock & Material Management

7. Waste Reduction

8. Lean Six Sigma Best Practice

1. We will evaluate what sets your quality systems apart from your competitors. We will help you make them repeatable, capable, efficient and effective to ensure you remain competitive in your chosen markets

2. We will help you identify and maximise value from your core processes by review and analysis of efficiency, optimisation, capability and repeatability

3. As part of this process we will help you define, measure and analyse your supply chain to identify and improve it so it will fuel optimal throughput

4. We will help you to leverage maximum output with minimal inputs to optimise profitability

5. We will help you improve the efficiency of your staff, plant & equipment, and materials to ensure the highest operating margins are achieved

6. We will help you identify and optimise your material and stock management to achieve best use of working capital and ensure efficient and effective material flows

7. We will help you to reduce waste across the business to maximise the use of all business assets. This improvement process will naturally release capacity which can be deployed on further profit generating activities

8. To successfully deliver a business growth plan, it is essential to have an complimentary lean business strategy and improvement plan in place

How we deliver

Cost effective – Benefit from access to our Lean and Six Sigma experts with measurable bottom line improvements
FlexibilitySolutions which are tailored to your individual needs – short or longer term support as required
Experience – Access to a whole team of high calibre specialists with proven track records in senior management and delivering best practice
Approach – Joined up, hands on approach – one coaching team for every aspect of your business
Style – We roll up our sleeves and get involved, a motivational, results-driven and accountable part of your senior in-house team
Values – Highly connected and like-minded consultants who value honesty, integrity, passion for business and knowledge who love helping businesses


Select what you’re looking to achieve

1Step 1 of 2
2Step 2 of 2


Improved Process Flow and Layout 30% Improved Capacity with an 8:1 ROI on Programme
Improved Throughput Throughput up to 60 units

Fixtures & Fittings Supply


Deliver Business Improvement Techniques 4:1 ROI on Programmme with £60k PA Total Bottom Line
Implemented LEAN Methodology £500k PA in Additional Sales with LEAN Methods


Tower Supplies, Poole

If you are in the market for a team of talent, to help you win and provide advice from top level expertise, then I highly recommend contacting Harpers.

Kernow Fixings, Saint Austell

The specialists we’ve engaged with have been remarkable in their experience and capacity to understand the dynamics of people and processes in a business.
The focus on execution, not just strategy, is refreshing.

Quest Hardware, Buckingham

Wow! What an intensive, powerful, total business review, refocus and growth plan unlocked in such a short space of time.
If you are looking for revealing insight into where you need to focus in your business, get talking with Harpers.

Meon UK, Portsmouth

Harpers helped us to further focus our business growth strategy developing accountability and key measures/controls within the business. Their focus is geared towards execution and driving performance.

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