We believe in going on the journey with you, not just giving you a plan and leaving you to execute.

Because of this, Harpers provide help in developing a step by step market research programme then going forward along side your business to carry it out; advising and guiding you every step of the way.

Our Harpers-Customer Plus partnership brings together highly talented Business Improvement experts with experienced Customer Service professionals.

Our 7 Step Process

1. Define Objective

2. Determine Research Design

3. Collect Data

4. Analyse Data

5. Report Findings

6. Build Insights into a Strategic Plan

7. Periodic Reviews and Realignment 

1. Define objective

The first step to beginning your market research is to define a clear objective. This will require multiple conversations and a level of focus, so that a clear, concise objective can be properly drawn out and bring purpose to your business

2. Determine research design

Determining your means of research will heavily depend on your objective, as well as affect the outcome of your findings. It’s easy to get lost in the detail at this stage so we see ourselves as a key role in providing you with marketeers with years of industry experience who can guide you towards making the right decision for your business

3. Collect data

This is commonly viewed as the most straight forward part of the process however it is vital that it’s done right; that’s why we are here to go through the process alongside you and ensure you are collecting quality results

4. Analyse Data

At this stage of the process, we will analyse the data collected and identify trends which can be leveraged to your businesses advantage. Having one of our experienced marketeers there along side you will bring new insights and help make the most of your data

5. Report findings

It’s important to present your findings back to your business and all those who should understand your findings. Deciding who to present to and how to effectively present it so that the data can be understood on all levels is often overlooked, this is where we can help guide you on making these decisions

6. Build insights into a strategic plan

We find that this is often where businesses come to a fork in the road, and it’s important to take the right path towards effectively utilising and leveraging the data to your advantage. That’s why we can bring in one of our business strategists to work along side the marketeer and you, for a truly joined up approach. Doing this will allow us to build a fully comprehensive strategic plan which will serve your business across all departments, not just Marketing

7. Periodic review and realignment

In the course of executing your strategic plan, peridoic reviews are essential as adjustments may have to be made so to realign your business with the market. We can help with this ongoing process of continuous improvement by advising and going on the journey with you


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