As marketing specialists, we take a structured approach to creating a deliverable strategy. For us, effective marketing means understanding your customers and developing your strategy. We can offer high-level consultants to develop strategy or hands-on support in the form of an interim virtual Marketing Director – we’re happy either way. Harpers can give you the know-how and expert hand-holding so you can follow our 7-step process.

1. Competitor Positioning

2. Market and Customer Segmentation

3. Route to Market

4. Lead Generation

5. Value Proposition

6. Brand Positioning

7. KPIs and Tracking

8. Strategy and Road Map

1. We will help you review and improve your Competitor Positioning. You will need to know what sets your products, services and company apart from your competitors. What value do you provide? How is it different from the alternatives? What is the best way to carve out a position in the competitive landscape?

2. In order to sell your product to your customers you have to know and understand them, this is accomplished through marketing segmentation. Segmentation divides the overall market into smaller groups based on Industry sector, demographics, geography, lifestyle or behavioural approaches. Without segmentation, marketing to your customer takes a lot of time, money and effort

3. This is how you sell your product and how you plan your sales. Through discussion and consideration we will help you identify the best routes to market that are cost effective and will optimise sales opportunities

4. As one of the most important factors in the marketing mix, we will advise on a plan to ensure your sales department is fed with a constant flow of high quality marketing leads. We will discuss the current channels used and their effective ness and make recommendations for improvement

5. Clients have great products and services, but often the presentation and articulation of the unique selling points can be poor and understated. The customer is left unclear on the benefits and value of the product or service. We spend time with you to understand and ensure your product and service offering is presented in the optimal way. We will advise on a suitable plan to improve the current level of understanding

6. We will help you understand what your consumers want, what your companies and brand capabilities are and how your competitors are positioning their brands. We will then help you to reflect your brand positioning in everything you do from your brand personality, packaging, design, product, service, visual identity and communications

7. These are specific, numerical marketing metrics that companies track in order to measure their progress towards a defined goal within their marketing channels. By tracking the right marketing KPIs, your company will be able to make adjustments to various strategies and budgets and ensure you are achieving an acceptable return on investment. We will advise on suitable measures and metrics to measure performance in the marketing function

8. To successfully deliver a business growth plan, it is essential to have an appropriate marketing strategy in place. After completing the SMART Marketing planning tasks we assimilate the relevant information and advise on a SMART Marketing Strategy. With clarity on the strategy you can create a time bound marketing plan

How we deliver

Cost effective – Access to functional experts to plug into a business on a part time basis
Flexibility – Flexible and low risk solution for when a full time resource is not a requirement; time or project based – no long-term contract required
Experience – Access to the highest calibre of strategic thinking, bringing best practice through Senior Directors with proven track records of growth and success
Approach – Joined up, hands on approach – one coaching team for every aspect                     of your business
Style – We will bring fresh thinking and new ideas to energise your marketing team and get involved, a motivational, results-driven and accountable part of your senior in-house team
Values – Highly connected and like-minded consultants who value honesty, integrity, passion for business and knowledge who love helping businesses


Select what you’re looking to achieve

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Sales £2.7m Sales £5.4m
Gross Margin 46% Gross Margin 49%

Capital Equipment

based Business

Client Optimisation 32% Client Optimisation 37%
Client Leakage 36% Client Leakage 20%

Consumable Product


Client Leakage 33% Client Leakage 18%
Quote Conversion rate 40% Quote Conversion rate 56%


Kernow Fixings, Saint Austell

The specialists we’ve engaged with have been remarkable in their experience and capacity to understand the dynamics of people and processes in a business.
The focus on execution, not just strategy, is refreshing.

Meon UK, Portsmouth

Harpers helped us to further focus our business growth strategy developing accountability and key measures/controls within the business. Their focus is geared towards execution and driving performance.

Quest Hardware, Buckingham

Wow! What an intensive, powerful, total business review, refocus and growth plan unlocked in such a short space of time.
If you are looking for revealing insight into where you need to focus in your business, get talking with Harpers.

Tower Supplies, Poole

If you are in the market for a team of talent, to help you win and provide advice from top level expertise, then I highly recommend contacting Harpers.

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