Why Invest in PPC?

  • 3.5 billion searches every day in the UK. 9% of these have never been done before.
  • £24 billion worth of card transactions online per month.
  • 60% of all online revenue is captured by PPC advertising.

Isn’t This Just B2C - Is There a Market Online For B2B?

In B2B commerce, there is increasing momentum for digital commerce solutions.

  • 89% of B2B researchers gather information about potential purchases online.
  • The average B2B buyer conducts 12 different online searches prior to engaging with a brand’s site.
  • 60% of all online revenue is captured by PPC advertising.
  • 74% of B2B clients conduct half their research online before making an offline purchase.

Is PPC Right For My Business?

Our data driven diagnostic process allows us to evaluate the potential opportunity in your industry with a goal of maximising ROI.

If we find your digital is performing well, we aim to leave well alone.

We only want to identify potential clients where we can make a significant impact.


Why Work With Us?

  • Chris’ 20 year experience and expertise, alongside his focus on sales rather than scores, a business first strategy, and intricate understanding of data and trends
  • ROI and profit
  • Direct dealing with a dedicated expert – Chris will be your account manager & not a junior member of staff

Some Of Our Results:

E-commerce strategy & PPC Management for Gaming Chair Company

  • Initial sales less than £10k per month
  • 316% increase in sales in the first month alone thanks to some “quick wins”
  • Sales in Q4 2020 increased by over 2000% on the previous year


 Lead Generation for High End Harley Street Counselling Service

  • Grew weekly appointments from 40 to 250 in 2 years
  • Business ended the contract after initial growth for a cheaper alternative
  • Lead quality fell through the floor & a more expensive provider was chosen + an expensive new website designed
  • Leads fell again reducing profit further with appointments back at 80 per week
  • They have returned and appointments have grown after only 2 months and are back on the road to recovery


E-commerce website selling Paper Shredders

  • Set up in 2008 & now established as the largest commercial supplier of shredders in the UK with a huge market share and selling more than Amazon
  • The website is the most comprehensive in the industry and receives thousands of organic search visits a month and millions of pounds in sales each year
  • We have helped launch a further 5 multi-million pound sites for the same client
  • The PPC advertising campaigns regularly receive ROI numbers that Google themselves describe as “simply outstanding”


Launch of E-commerce website for PWP Sportbase (from my University Bedroom)

  • Provided with a large printed product catalogue and the telephone number of the company’s nocturnal web developer I was tasked with taking advantage of the e-commerce boom in the early 2000s
  • The website was the first in the industry and a huge success, receiving thousands of pounds of orders per day from all over the World and ultimately leading to a multi-million-pound sale of the business

How Is Our Approach Different?

The entire process is designed to maximise your profit and not get hung up on traditional PPC success metrics such as CTR or website visits.

What Can a Digital Expert Offer Your Business?

PPC is not a flat auction, if your account is managed correctly you can achieve up to a 30% discount on your spend for the same results. Conversely, a poorly managed account can pay a surplus of up to 30%.

A well-managed account will allow you to take advantage of the advanced machine learning algorithms to effectively scale your digital success.

As experts in this field, we are able to identify the sweet spot by investing the correct budget and PPC combined with account optimisation to give a higher level of ROI, thus increasing revenue for a lower investment rate.

We will also put in place a website improvement strategy to give you the market-leading website in your industry. Chris’ experience in data interaction gives him exceptional ability to read and act upon your data in a way that will most benefit your business – with a clear focus on profit.

Interested in taking the next step?

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