Want to make sure you are ready and prepared to deliver your next phase of growth?

Before embarking on the next stage of your business journey it is good practice to take stock and understand your current business performance to identify whether you are still on track to deliver your objectives.

Facilitated by a consultant, the review is a high level strategic review designed for business owners and senior management teams to give clarity on vision and aspirations and help you to understand both the opportunities and road blocks for growth. The outcome of the review is a clear and deliverable business road map.


The review will consider the following:



In this discovery stage we take time to understand the business owner’s vision, the motivation, and the desired shareholder outcomes. We will identify the business growth stage so we can plan and prepare for the next phase of the journey.

Business Diagnostic

Our digital business diagnostic will allow us to assess nine areas of your business. We will review your business strategy and ensure your sales and marketing plans are correctly aligned to deliver the desired growth. The diagnostic will also analyse your physical and human infrastructure to make sure you have the capability and capacity for growth. The outcome of the diagnostic is to identify potential constraints to growth that can hold a business back. You can think of this diagnostic as a business health check or MOT.

Headroom for Growth

We will also look at the markets and sectors that you currently operate in to ensure there is adequate headroom for growth and review your product and market development plan to meet any growth opportunity.

Business Road Map

Next, we come to the define stage of the SMART review where we bring together the information we have collected and create a 12-month business road map. This road map will detail your high-level business priorities and chunk these down to key operational departmental actions that are realistic and deliverable. From this, we will identify the key fixes for your business that SMART Coaching can offer (66 in total) and agree the next stage of engagement.

Programme delivery options:

6-month ‘Light’ Coaching Programme

A lighter touch programme for established businesses looking for alignment to their existing business plan

  • Strategy Review Workshop
  • Creation of business improvement plan and road map
  • Followed by eight hours of one-to-one coaching support per month
  • Lens dashboard and dedicated Project Manager will help you measure and track your performance


12-month ‘Full’ Coaching Programme

A more intensive programme for businesses looking to take the next step in their business development.

  • Intensive Strategy Review Workshop
  • Creation of business improvement road map
  • Followed by sixteen hours of one-to-one coaching support per month
  • Lens dashboard and dedicated Project Manager will help you measure and track your performance


Bespoke Coaching programme

If the standard programmes are not aligned to your business needs, we will simply design you a program to suit your individual needs. With this approach we can work on short or long assignments and tailor a programme to meet your business challenge.


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Here are some other programmes we offer:


Kernow Fixings, Saint Austell

The specialists we’ve engaged with have been remarkable in their experience and capacity to understand the dynamics of people and processes in a business.
The focus on execution, not just strategy, is refreshing.

Meon UK, Portsmouth

Harpers helped us to further focus our business growth strategy developing accountability and key measures/controls within the business. Their focus is geared towards execution and driving performance.

Quest Hardware, Buckingham

Wow! What an intensive, powerful, total business review, refocus and growth plan unlocked in such a short space of time.
If you are looking for revealing insight into where you need to focus in your business, get talking with Harpers.

Tower Supplies, Poole

If you are in the market for a team of talent, to help you win and provide advice from top level expertise, then I highly recommend contacting Harpers.

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