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Chris Avery

Chris has over 15 years experience helping businesses perform better online. Starting from his university bedroom in 2005 he was given the opportunity to launch an e-commerce website for PWP Sport base which went on to become the largest online racket sports retailer in the UK and the second-largest in Europe.

His efforts with no prior experience helped transform the business from a traditional mail-order catalog to an internet powerhouse, ultimately leading to the business being acquired by Sports Direct.

In 2008 Chris was approached by Michael Knight who says: “Chris and his team have helped turn my idea of selling shredders online into a multi-million-pound business.

With their help & expertise we have sold in excess of £25m of shredders and launched a number of other successful office supplies websites which have truly revolutionised our business.”

From a standing start, Don Ruffles now has a 40% market share in the commercial shredder industry.


Chris’ Specialities:

Chris is passionate about improving how businesses use the internet to help them grow. All businesses can do better online and Chris’ expertise in an incredibly fast-paced area allows clients to take advantage of the latest best practices to improve their ROI on their internet activities.

No two websites are the same and Chris’ vast experience online allows him to take a strategic view and build a long-term strategy whilst also taking advantage of “quick wins” to help make the website the leader in its niche.

Using a very data-driven approach Chris has the ability to tailor high-performing Pay per Click advertising campaigns to drive targeted traffic to the website whilst maximising profitability and scaling revenue as high as is possible.


Some of Chris’ Projects:

Launch of E-commerce website for PWP Sportbase

Provided with a large printed product catalogue and the telephone number of the company’s nocturnal web developer I was tasked with taking advantage of the e-commerce boom in the early 2000s.

The website was the first in the industry and a huge success, receiving thousands of pounds of orders per day from all over the World and ultimately leading to a multi-million-pound sale of the business.


Launch of E-commerce website selling Paper Shredders

I received a phone call in 2008 with the brief of “I want to sell shredders online but I have no start up capital so would you consider a payment on results model”.

Now established as the largest commercial supplier of shredders in the UK the website is the most comprehensive in the industry and receives thousands of organic search visits a month and millions of pounds in sales each year.

I also run many Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for Don Ruffles and regularly receive Return On Ad Spend numbers that Google themselves describe as “simply outstanding”


E-commerce strategy & Pay per Click Management for Abroco.com

Taken on as a consultant with sales of less than £10,000 per month my strategic advice helped scale this business very quickly with sales increasing by 316% in the first month alone thanks to some “quick wins” and sales in the lucrative period of Q4 2020 increasing by over 2000% on the previous year.

The business is now able to take advantage of huge economies of scale with their purchasing efforts from China and I am now helping them scale further as they prepare to expand globally.