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Eugene McCann

Eugene can draw on some 35 years’ experience in the accounting and financial services profession, 22 of them as partner then senior partner with internationally renowned ‘Big Four’ practice, PwC; he has worked across the US and Africa during that time, as well as in the UK.

His roles with PwC have encompassed provision of strategic advice to clients, assistance with implementation of systems of control at board and senior management level, and merger, acquisition and divestiture work. In addition he was responsible for running several PwC business units and profit centres, both in the UK and across Europe.

Eugene has experience across most industry sectors, with particular knowledge of IT, construction and manufacturing, and has worked at board level with multinational household names such as Bacardi, Pirelli and Babcock, through to many smaller family owned enterprises.

In addition, he has mentored many senior executives both within and outside PwC, most recently helping coach through to partner level

Eugene has spent the last year, since retiring from PwC, in developing an international investment consultancy, taking an equity stake in another business, and in advising owner managers on various aspects of their operations.

Eugene’s specialities

Eugene was renowned while at PwC for being a clear thinking strategist with a grounding in common sense, as well as for his ability to turn strategy into actions and to foster their implementation.

His experience covers the whole spectrum of business, including marketing and sales strategy, governance and control, quality improvement, and people issues. His particular specialisms are cash and profitability improvement and monitoring.

Clients appreciate Eugene’s ability to get to the heart of issues quickly, cutting through bureaucracy; and those working with him, his ability to mould a team and get the best out of a given set of resources

Some of Eugene’s assignments:

Control over large investments….

Eugene identified the issues, and proposed and helped implement controls to address the risks, an owner-managed IT company was running by having only a tenuous level of understanding of a game changing investment it had made in China.

Addressing the ‘elephant in the room’……..

Eugene acted as the catalyst to bring the board of a small but nationally-renowned company and its legal advisers to the table with a third party to address and break the ‘log jam’ legal issue that was acting as a brake on both fund raising and further strategic development. The board had up until that time hoped in vain that the issue would fade away of its own accord!

Surviving the recession……

Eugene correctly identified the frailties which the board of a mid-sized family construction company had in its understanding of both its present cash position and of forecast cash arising under various potential scenarios. This potentially terminal issue was addressed in conjunction with the CFO and Chairman to help ensure optimal management of both cash and of wider business issues as the organisation worked its way through the recent recession.

Going to America…….

Eugene helped prepare for, and assisted management to address the more onerous ongoing requirements of managing the expectations in relation to, a NASDAQ listing for a UK-based group. He was also heavily relied upon by US-based management to assist the relatively young UK-based CFO with certain aspects of corporate governance and reporting.

And the one that got away!…..

While consulting with the CEO and CFO of a listed company, Eugene raised a major concern that in reality the organisation was a loose federation of acquisitions without the issue of post-acquisition integration of management systems (and so strategy) having been properly addressed. Management chose to ignore the advice, their existing systems failed to identify the inevitable significant problem which arose and so they are no longer CEO and CFO!


“When Eugene speaks we listen!”
(CFO mid-sized private company)

“We have a great relationship with Eugene”
(CEO owner-managed insurance broker)

“Absolutely excellent – he’s always available”
(CEO smaller owner-managed finance institution)

“Our score reflects a high degree of satisfaction, and is realistically the highest we’d ever give, Eugene does his job well – he gets up to speed quickly on the [complex] issues and is clearly very bright. We will be sorry to see him leave”
(FD FTSE 250 service company)